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Below show some brief introduction about our products. To find out more about our products or to obtain a quote for custom mould part for your application, feel free to call us at 03-80610288 or email us your drawing with material specification, our sales and marketing team is more than happy to assist you. All retail purchasers are welcome to shop and our indoor sales representative, Ms Karen is happy to serve you.




Available colour : Black, Grey, White and Transparent.

Standard Packing: 153meter per roll or 305meter per roll.

Description: Mix Vinyl is a supplier for all your ready–made and custom–made Gasket Weatherstrips. Made from PVC plastic and Sarlink TPV material, our Gasket Weatherstrips are strong, flexible and rubber adhesives that can withstand vibration, temperature variations caused by direct sun heat or rain as well as rain attack. They are commonly used to seal around movable building components such as in windows and doors flame of any buildings to prevent air leakage, liquid leakage and ⁄ or to provide best seal possible between the building components with less to none movement interfere.

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Setting Block

Available colour: Black, Transparent.

Size: Wide (mm) x height (mm) x length (1 meter or 2 meter).

Description: Setting blocks act as cushions, designed specially to separate and elevate the insulating glass panels from the sash. At Mix Vinyl, we provide all types and sizes of good quality setting blocks for various installations related to mirror, window and glass, for industrial, commercial and residential applications.



Eva Foam

Available in : Single side tape or double size tapes.

Size: in 1 meter or 2 meter long. (Wide (mm) x height (mm) X length)

Description: Its material Ethylene Vinyl Acete Foam (EVA Foam), also widely known as expanded rubber or rubber foam, is a closed cell waterproof foam used for a variety of applications. It offers excellent insulation qualities and is ideal for a variety of sectors including automotive, construction, electronics, health care, safety equipment and more. Available in embossed and smooth surface, Eva Foam is suitable as bed rolls, exercise mats, carpet underlay, insulation for pipes and hotwater cylinder, sound proofing, spa covers and a lot more.

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P.E. Foam

Size: in 1 meter or 2 meter (Wide (mm) x height (mm) X length)

Description: Polyethylene Foam, also known as PE Foam is a closed cell, chemically crosslinked and polyolefin resin foam, providing a wide range of wide uses with great layer of protection. It is commonly used in building and construction with such applications as roofing and cladding, flooring and a variety of of concrete works which is often used in the installation of roofing systems flame retardant protection.

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