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Mix Vinyl Values
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Since establishment in 1990, Mix Vinyl Enterprise Sdn Bhd has been providing a wide range of good quality Gasket, Extruded Plastic and Rubber Weatherstrip, Setting Blocks, Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Foams (EVA Foams) and Polyethylene Foams (PE Foams) for customers in Malaysia and abroad. With more than 20 years of experience, Mix Vinyl is now one of the top Extruded Plastic Gasket Suppliers in Malaysia.

From Gaskets to Extruded Plastic and Rubber Weatherstrips, we are capable to meet all our customers´s specifications and needs using state–of–the–art manufacturing facilities. We can provide precision engineering and manufacturing according to your requirements backed by quality assurance in order to provide high quality rubber plastic extrusions tailored to customer´s needs limited for building a switchboard, mosquito netting applications.

Customer Priority

Customers are the biggest and the most important assets in Mix Vinyl. We recognize the fact that without customers, we will not survive. Hence, we undertake every task seriously with a passion to reach out to our´s needs, with theirs customers in mind.

People Perspective

Our employees are our valuable resources to invent and give brilliant ideas, which in turn, give the major contributors to our success and critical to achieving our sustainability aims. Thus, we are always put effort on our employee career advancement and their development to let them to have every opportunity to fulfill their potential and talent.

We organize a team with the right employee and his/her skill to succeed in what we do. We will be better positioned to achieve our business, attract and retain talent, respond to our customers’ needs and maintain a competitive advantage. We are together to make the best choice to work out the best choice to work out the best for our customer.


Being one of Malaysia´s leading Extruded Plastic Supplier, we believe the success of communication will build a good relationship with customers, employees, business partners and suppliers. Exchange of ideas and opinions are important. We understand a healthy debate is essential to select a better idea.

Our ability and desire to listen enable to join our links to different people. With good communication, we can enhance co-operation among employees, provide effective solution and services to customers.